Real Estate Content Marketing

Real Estate Marketing Examples and Ideas

This video uses a very real estate themed approach to content marketing for you. Literally how to do old school doorknocking that actually will work. How to create content on the fly. By curating your own expertise. But there is much more.

Imagine going to your client at the house you sold to them a year ago and doing a video interview on the lifestyle there. There are many reasons this is cool.

Four Reasons real estate agents should use this in their content marketing:

  1. You are getting them to resell themselves on their purchase. Remembering you were part of it, and now you are helping them celebrate their anniversary. Do you think they will be more likely than ever to bird dog a potential listing for you. And remember you when it is time for them to sell their home?
  2. You are increasing your relationship with them.
  3. You are getting an honest assessment on the neighborhood, and perhaps new reasons they bought that had not been aware.
  4. You have content! Video, text, audio to go into Vlogs, Blogs, Social and 2.0 sites to share. And it is uniquely yours. Nobody can duplicate it.

Realtors can use these methods to showcase neighborhoods very easily. 

How about a conversation with the guy or gal whom have lived in the neighborhood for 50 years? I bet they have some interesting stories.

Even simple doorknocking would give you a reason to be there. Filmed or just dialogue.

How many broker opens do you do in a caravan? six?

What about a filmed review of each home? Get it up to YouTube. You can even do it to Facebook live and or YouTube live for an instant audience. Tag the You Tube right and you will easily rank for that house usually.

I recently chatted on the podcast with Dr. Matt, a chiropractor. He does old school in house educational seminars.What if he filmed those? YIKES! The possibilities.

The Lazy Mans Path To Content

Your brain and your experience is the richest content mill on earth. Most will not share what in their own brain.

That is selfish to the community that you serve.

So it is very easy to become a thought leader. Even when you talk about something you do not sell. And subtly or overtly tie your content to your marketplace.

Consider Gary Vee. He is a content machine, and rarely talks about his media services. He has fashioned himself into a cool, foul mouthed wanna be Tony Robbins. And you know what? It works for him.

Sometimes just being willing to put yourself out there is enough. He is on a national stage and is pulling it off. All you gotta convince is your local geographic market.

Curate Your Expertise

As you watch or listen to  my material. You will notice that I have embraced my football coaching with my business material. As so much that is learned from any context can be applied to others in life.

Everything you do in your life is uniquely yours. You have a way about practicing your real estate craft your way. Why is your way so special?

You probably have a philosophy on the way realty should be done. A philosophy is another word for a body of values.

You have a better way to DO real estate than your competition  right?

I like to say that the interview with Jim Mora head coach of UCLA is a study of a very successful CEO. As that is what a top rated college coach is. A CEO  running a business. He offered his Bruin Filter which is what and who they will allow into their team. Very much a values statement.

Kind of important for your business.

Speaking of values. Kenrick Cleveland taught us how to apply a method to learning about players most important values. And applying it to the drill. Its the same thing he teaches in his sales training, but swap out player for prospect.

Tom and Kim teach you how to trigger your prospects to your desired action. A hypnotic sales technique to get people to give you better service or to grow endeared towards you. To purchasing through you.

Jonathan, taught us to use active language. Amongst other useful tools to move stuck states. Kind of useful for prospects who are not moving along your process.

This is all useful content.

Oh, let me share with you another twist. All this podcast and other video content is getting transcribed. Which will be used for blogs, social shares, and a forthcoming book.

Because this method is evergreen.